Stuck in the Middle

I’m a middle child turned middle school teacher currently fostering two beautiful boys after enduring four years of infertility. Right now, much like my students, being stuck in the middle is how I feel much of the time.

Although my husband and I have been together nearly nine years, we still have not been able to have a family. After a few years of infertility, we felt called to adoption. After researching the orphan crisis in this country, we chose to pursue adoption through foster care.

Although, we did receive a placement within weeks of finishing our foster care classes, the legal process meant we were not able to adopt our first placement. Instead, we were exposed to the brokenness of the foster care system as we had to watch our darling be returned to the danger from which she was removed.

Clearly a glutton for punishment, we took in another placement. Now, we are stuck in the middle waiting to see if we can adopt our foster children.

This blog is just one way to reach out to a community of people who could understand our journey and much like myself are looking for encouragement and understanding during these trials of faith.